The Ultimate Guide to Bead Mill Mechanical Seal Refurbishment

The Ultimate Guide to Bead Mill Mechanical Seal Refurbishment

Bead Mills are used in the manufacturing industry to both grind and disperse materials using beads. Beads are placed within a rotating shaft inside the Bead Mill, where they tumble and fall, causing the material within the Bead Mill to be ground down, or mixed thoroughly, depending on your desired outcome. There are two types of Bead Mill machines, wet and dry, which are specifically utilised to grind dry powders, or liquids and pastes.

Mechanical seals within Bead Mills are necessary to prevent any leakage during the production process, ensuring that the grinding and dispersing process remains fully enclosed, reducing overall wastage. The opposing faces of a mechanical seal are constantly pushing against one another, which can cause wear over time, despite the use of lubricants. In other cases, the faces are set slightly apart with just enough gap between the faces that the product being milled can run between but the beads being used cannot, which can cause chipping and wear on the outside of the faces due to the abrasiveness of the hard beads constantly rubbing on them, The mechanical seals used in Bead Mills can be hugely expensive, and challenging to replace if an issue arises. Being able to send any faulty, damaged, or leaking seals to be refurbished thus not only reduces cost, but allows for your Bead Mill to be up and running again much faster. Further, repairing a seal rather than disposing of a damaged seal and purchasing a brand new one prevents unnecessary wastage, and is, therefore, better for the environment.

Tekhniseal has undertaken multiple refurbishments of Bead Mill mechanical seals over the years, including replacing damaged faces, re-lapping faces, and providing new O-rings and gaskets. Here at Tekhniseal, we have a fully operational workshop, including advanced lapping and lathe machines, meaning that we can provide our expert seal refurbishment and reconditioning service on all types of seals in-house. When choosing to recondition a pre-existing mechanical seal, you obtain a significant saving when compared to purchasing a brand new seal, sometimes up to 50%! Tekhniseal prides itself on its expertise in this field, as we never compromise on quality, and can complete work with rapid turnaround times, including offering a same day service, depending on the type of seal. With over 35 years’ experience in providing the best in mechanical seal reconditioning and refurbishment, we ensure that any seal leaves in like new condition

Posted: Fri 22 Jul 2022