Seal Refurbishment: The Cost Effective Solution

Seal Refurbishment: The Cost Effective Solution

We have already published a blog about why Tekhniseal’s seal refurbishment service is the environmentally friendly option, as it allows customers to repair their current mechanical seals and pumps rather than purchasing a new one. However, did you know that the seal refurbishment service is also the most cost effective solution as well?

Tekhniseal’s on-site expert seal reconditioning and refurbishment service offers a significant saving to our customers compared to purchasing a brand new seal. Continuous investment in our technical abilities means that our workshop, which includes state of the art lapping and lathe machines, ensures that every seal leaves in like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of a new seal. Additionally, to ensure we offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive seal repair services, we repair competitor seals, in addition to Tekhniseal branded seals, never compromising on quality of the finished product.

We understand how important it is to have fully functional and operational seals and pumps for your business. This is why we are able to return refurbished seals to you the very next day, depending on whether it is an emergency, and if we have the required parts on hand.

With increasing operational costs for businesses, caused by the increase in energy bills, the savings offered by Tekhniseal’s seal repair and reconditioning services can help your business remain profitable. Do you have a seal that needs repairing? Contact us today!


About Tekhniseal

Established in 1987, Tekhniseal refurbishes, manufactures, and redesigns mechanical seals, tailored to suit your exact requirements. We supply new quality mechanical seals/cartridges from stock, and by having a fully operational workshop, we are also able to offer an expert reconditioning service on all types of mechanical seals, if the condition allows.

We’re passionate about providing choice for our customers and ensuring that they get the very best solution to their mechanical seal problem. Tekhniseal is a one stop seal shop, and whether a customer requires a full seal repair and refurbishment, or to purchase one of our hundreds of seals from stock, we pride ourselves on ensuring that they get the very best service.

With over 35 years’ experience we pride ourselves on being problem solvers, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Whatever your challenge, we’ll find a solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our team are on hand to answer any enquiry and provide professional, practical advice – we can get you a seal from stock within hours.

Posted: Tue 14 Feb 2023