Q&A with Helen Haslam, Managing Director of Tekhniseal

Q&A with Helen Haslam, Managing Director of Tekhniseal

We sat down with Helen Haslam, Managing Director at Tekhniseal to learn more about her role, her journey at Tekhniseal, and the business.

Q1: Thank you for talking to us today. When did you start to work at Tekhniseal and what was your role?

I started working for Tekhniseal in 1994 in the Accounts dept, managing the accounts for the company

Q2: Why did you purchase the company? When was this?

It has always been a passion of mine to run my own business, so when the opportunity to purchase Tekhniseal and become a Director arose, it seemed like fate. I had been working at Tekhniseal for 11 years at this point in the Accounts department, so I knew that I had the market and industry knowledge to help grow the business.

Q3: Tekhniseal boasts an expert seal repair and reconditioning service. How does your repair service set you apart from your competitors?

Our in-house seal refurbishment and reconditioning service differentiates us from our competition, as it means that we are able to return a customer’s seal to them rapidly in like-new condition. Because this service is in-house, we can also sometimes refurbish the seals and return them to the customer the next day, depending on whether we have the required parts on hand at the time. Refurbishing your seals instead of replacing them is also more eco-friendly, something which we are noticing companies are becoming more and more passionate about.

Q4: Since opening in 1987, how has Tekhniseal changed?

Tekhniseal opened its doors in 1987 and is still in the same location to this day; we even have some of the same customers now as we did back then! I have been working for Tekhniseal for nearly 30 years, and in that time the services we offer have not changed. We still provide an expert seal reconditioning service and carry hundreds of seals as stock. From the day Tekhniseal opened its doors, we have prided ourselves on providing the very best solution for our customer’s mechanical seal problems, be it by supplying one of our hundreds of seals from stock, or through performing a seal repair.

About Tekhniseal

Established in 1987, Tekhniseal refurbishes, manufactures, and redesigns mechanical seals, tailored to suit your exact requirements. We supply new quality mechanical seals/cartridges from stock, and by having a fully operational workshop, we are also able to offer an expert reconditioning service on all types of mechanical seals, if the condition allows.

We’re passionate about providing choice for our customers and ensuring that they get the very best solution to their mechanical seal problem. Tekhniseal is a one stop seal shop, and whether a customer requires a full seal repair and refurbishment, or to purchase one of our hundreds of seals from stock, we pride ourselves on ensuring that they get the very best service.

With over 35 years’ experience we pride ourselves on being problem solvers, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Whatever your challenge, we’ll find a solution. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Our team are on hand to answer any enquiry and provide professional, practical advice – we can get you a seal from stock within hours.

Posted: Thu 24 Nov 2022